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Pre-requisites: Persons intending to undertake this course would have little or no previous experience with computers.


This is an introductory course which covers such topics as Switch on and Shut down a computer. Learn the parts of a computer, use the keyboard and mouse. Look at  menu options including printing and saving documents, open a basic word processing program, type a simple sentence, learn basic formatting options and how to save a document.




This is a basic word processing course using MS Word. It covers applicable screen components, simple typing of text, selecting text, simple formatting and editing , opening, modifying, saving, printing and closing documents along with the use of Help and the Office Assistant.


(Pre-requisites: A basic understanding of Microsoft Word such as “Basic MS Word” conducted by Tea Gardens CTC)

At intermediate level people will usually  have specific requests and/or requirements for our tutors  to concentrate on, e.g. merging documents etc.  You can discuss these requirements with the tutors when arranging your lesson.

MS Word can be continued to an advanced level if desired.



Learn how to create a spreadsheet, do basic calculations such as multiplication/division, format functions, copy and print. Use Excel to prepare a home budget.



Learn how to send and receive emails, include attachments, set up and add to an address book, form groups, send carbon copies, forward emails, format emails and customise stationery, use Outlook and Gmail




Learn how to access the Internet - the jargon, the Toolbar and the “Right Click”, organise Favourites & Links Bar, choose the best Search Engine for the job, download and save files, avoid viruses, surf or search the web. .




(Pre-requisites: Basic familiarity with the Internet, ideally completion of ‘Basic Internet Skills’ conducted by Tea Gardens CTC)

Learn advanced Internet searching techniques - keywords, Boolean logic, Metasearch engines and the invisible web. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of various search engines and how to select the best for your requirements.



Learn how to scan photographs (colour or black and white), pictures, colour slides and negatives and then store the subsequent images for further activities such as enhancement or printing. Learn how to scan written or typed and printed documents and store them for further editing if necessary using MS Word.




Learn how to copy files (data, picture, sound) to a CD using Windows 7 Wizard and commercial software (Nero). Includes adding files to a CD, burning read/write and making back-up copies of your hard disc.




Get the most from your digital camera.!

Learn how to import your photographs from a  digital camera, CD or hard drive. Touch up digital pictures, apply special effects. Learn how to crop, resize and use touch up tools to correct problems with lighting, blemishes, wrinkles or red eye.



Learn how to copy and edit your LPs - removing clicks & crackles, deleting silences, inserting track breaks and then burning to a CD. Practice your new skills at home, or use the CTC equipment for the usual computer hourly rate.



Under personal tuition learn to touch type. This which will enable you to type faster with greater accuracy and to perform tasks on your computer more quickly and easily.

Once you’ve learnt the basics your efficiency will  improve every time you type.



Pre-requisite: Completion of a course to the level of ‘Basic MS Word’ or ‘Basic Internet Skills’, or equivalent experience

If your computer is slowing down then this could be the course for you. It covers topics such as Defrag, Scan disk, Redundant files, Temporary files, unwanted emails, Anti-virus and Ancillaries. Good file management along with a few tips can keep your computer running at the speed that it was designed for. Either way, prevention is better than a cure any day.


Pre-requisites:  A basic working knowledge of computers or at least completion of a basic Word Processing Course such as ‘Basic MS Word’ at Tea Gardens CTC

This is a quick introductory course to show you how to make greeting cards, calendars, flyers and banners.  Learn to insert graphics, import text, resize, re-colour and rearrange your design.



Pre-requisites:  Basic computer skills plus basic book keeping experience

Topics covered: Introduction to MYOB, tutorial & help features, setting up a company file & chart of accounts, entering transactions, payroll - pay slips, bank reconciliation, GST & BAS reports, reports and back-up.



Pre-requisites:  Basic computer skills

Become familiar with PowerPoint and its possibilities. Make presentations, set up slide shows of family photos, add interesting details to family tree research, add recorded sounds and movies to presentations.



Bring in your phone and the instruction book and we will help you set up your phone

How to text

How to set up your address book etc

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